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 CSKA Sofia Boycott

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PostSubject: CSKA Sofia Boycott   Sun 31 Oct 2010, 20:40

Many of you don't know, but us, the fans are on full boycott in CSKA Sofia. We have been trough hard times in history, but not like this before. To understand the purpose of this boycott i will write a short summary of what is happening in the Bulgarian football and in CSKA Sofia. I have to say we are sick that big managers come with a pocket full of money, but then their purpose at the end is to rob the team. We also don't want to hear that trough this manager we will be football grands, playing in champions league and having best classed players, because it is a lie, as we can see at the moment. At the moment our situation is crap, and our team,CSKA, doesn't even have its own stadium and school for young players. Many blame this because the number on the Bulgarian stadiums is low, but that is not true, there is not many fans because in Bulgaria there is no football, only corruption. We are boycotting for the inadequate managing of the club, and the situation of the club right now, and also we want our own stadium, school for kids and one of the best Bulgarian teams, CSKA Sofia to come back to the top. The owners cross the line when they put too big for Bulgarian standards ticket prices.
The demands to the owners are:
• No intervention in the work of sport and technical staff: coach be allowed to work at least two seasons without making transfers behind his back, without telling him which players to play in official and friendly matches, without granting amnesty to the players punished by him.
• Termination of broking by employees of the Club: crossing the ill practice of "transfer for the transfer itself”, where the coach, sports director or any employee receives a certain amount of money for buy or sale certain player.
• Adequate media policy: focus contacts with the media to the press office and all other officials to consult with press director before giving interviews and statements.
• Positive and committed attitude towards the supporters of CSKA.
• Positive and committed attitude to the traditions and ideals of CSKA and the legendary players of the Club.
• Adequate pricing policy on matchday/season tickets: no increases in times the previous price, even more when it isn’t well-founded on trophies, development of the facilities or any positives; without discounts for certain members of fan clubs; orderly structure of preferences for children, students, pensioners, poor, disabled and for regular subscribers.
• No intervention in supporters organization and activities.
• As-soon-as-possible return to Club home, to our home - Stadium "Bulgarian Army".
• Long-term development strategy for the youth academy: improvement of the facilities to a level, corresponding with the brand CSKA; appointing specialists with capacity to educate and teach young players of modern football.

In the beginning many CSKA fans didn’t want to join and decided to go to the stadium, so the number of the boycotting fans wasn`t big.
Before the beginning of the season the boycotting fans organized a mini-football tournament where they showed their position.

"CSKA Sofia is our religion and Bulgarian Army(Balgarska Armiya Stadium) is our home"

"Youth Academy of CSKA - future for CSKA!"

On the first match against Cliftonville on protest outside the stadium there was near 150 people which isn`t a big number but the stadium remain a lot emptier then the previous years.
Then came the first match of the league against the biggest rival Lefsky. There were many arguments about entering or not but the main group of boycotting fans entered and showed banners against the owners and their paid servants.

‘’CSKA is love, not business.'' Banner is directed to the paid servants, calling themselves “fans of CSKA”.

"1Х2 ?... question to the chairman of the Club"

In the next round there was the away match against Vidima Rakovski
The match went into a silent protest, accompanied by dozens of bomb and insulting messages to the management of the team.

"It's one thing to be garbage collector, it's another to be garbage" (club owners "Titan" have a waste disposal business)"

"Kostadinov, your greed erased your glory! Out of CSKA!" (he's a legendary player of CSKA and the National team)"

"You abandoned the stadium, wasted the team and the youth academy, now get out!" (to the board)

"Titan's legs are short" (from the saying "lie's legs are short")"

The next match in the Euro League against TNS

We marched from our stadium (which the Board abandoned for the more luxurious National stadium) to the venue of the match, we carried a banner with the word "PROTEST" on it, and chanted against the Board. We did not riot in any way. Police pushed us 50 meters away and after 30 minutes we were attacked by riot police (twice our number). They beat us, cursed us, called us names, chased some of us for maybe a mile and arrested 6 of us. One of the lads got 2 years stadium ban and has to pay 750 euros fine for... holding a banner with the word "PROTEST". During the attack I asked the plain-clothes copper who was in charge, why this was happening, and he said "the leadership decided so". I'm pretty sure he meant the leadership of our Club
In the meantime, fans who are not boycotting attended the game and chanted against the Board. A member of the Board ordered the club's website photographer to take detailed pictures of all who chant against them, maybe they're planning on some muscle showing to anyone who's against them!
footage from TV:



(from 2:15 to 3:20. At 3:05 you can see how the bastard hits an arrested fan in the back of his head)


Next big action was against Lokomotiv Sofia when after 1 banner raised, the leader of owners’ “punishment brigade” came with the stewards and tried to take the banner down.

CSKA Sofia - Rapid Wien

Protest outside the stadium against the leadership. Fight between CSKA Sofia fans and police on the game and after the game. Some broken heads, hands and legs from both sides.


Protest in the stadium

On the next match, again the man of the owners came with 50-60 mafia beaters and beat one of the leaders of the stand in front of the stadium, then tried to intimidate the leaders and then gave strange interview in the media, which crossed the line for all fans!

On the next match vs Beroe there was less than 100 people in the stadium and much more outside!


Credits: Cska Fans & www.hoolsworld.tk

Give back football to the working class!

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PostSubject: Re: CSKA Sofia Boycott   Sun 31 Oct 2010, 20:51

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PostSubject: Re: CSKA Sofia Boycott   Sun 31 Oct 2010, 21:27

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PostSubject: Re: CSKA Sofia Boycott   Sun 31 Oct 2010, 23:12

Grobari had something like this few years ago we were only going on away matches 2 years was our boykot long Very Happy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: CSKA Sofia Boycott   Mon 01 Nov 2010, 08:11

its a shame what happend in many eastern countries. it is a little bit like in sopron, hungary, they had a good and sucessful club (cup winner 2005) and a big spender who paid 78% of the budget. okay - in january 2008 - he didn´t want to give money to the club, the reason was, that a traditional and good club had to quit their existence. the whole fanscene had no club to support, the stadium (app. 5.500 seats), rebuild from 2002 to 2006 is empty - a shame. so fight for your club, fight for your passion....
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PostSubject: Re: CSKA Sofia Boycott   Mon 01 Nov 2010, 09:17

Good Luck for fighting for your rights.
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PostSubject: Re: CSKA Sofia Boycott   Mon 01 Nov 2010, 10:22

lucha por tus derechos
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PostSubject: Re: CSKA Sofia Boycott   Mon 01 Nov 2010, 11:59

Man does not control his fate ... but he can fight against it !
CSKA Sofia !
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PostSubject: Re: CSKA Sofia Boycott   Thu 18 Nov 2010, 09:40

NO SURRENDER! We shall fight to win! CSKA Sofia Forever!
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PostSubject: Re: CSKA Sofia Boycott   

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CSKA Sofia Boycott

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