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 Interview with Feyenoord-Casuals [ Feyenoord ]

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PostSubject: Interview with Feyenoord-Casuals [ Feyenoord ]   Wed 27 Jul 2011, 01:37

HW: First of all I would kindly ask you to introduce yourself.
I'm Feyenoord-Casuals on the forum, a lad from Feyenoord Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

HW: What Ultras Group are you in and how did you get in it?
I'm standing on Vak S, since 1970 the best gate at Feyenoord.

H'W: How many members are there and are there more new recruits?
I think in the gate there are maybe 1000 people in the gate, but also in gates near Vak S there are people singing like in Vak X.

H'w: Tell us the history about your group and how was it created.
In 1970 all fanatic fans of Feyenoord where standing at Vak S at the North of the stadium. Before that year they where at Vak G, at the other side of the stadium. First in 1965 I believe there where some fights with FC Twente. But not big or something, in 1970 everyone was on Vak S, the fanatic boys. Vak S really became famous after the fights with Tottenham Hotspur, we fighted them twice. Because of that fights Feyenoord don't like Spurs at all, we hate them.

HW: What is the political view of your group?
We don't have a political view.

HW: Who are your enemies and friends?
Not real friendships but more some connections, I mean the older boys from SCF have some connections with boys from Royal Antwerp FC from Belgium. While DeF the new generation have some connections with Millwall, don't now that much of that connection. And you have FRL a new group at Feyenoord, since 2009. They have a thing with a group at Hammarby IF from Sweden. And there are always some personal connections, I see in the stadium people walking in Celtic or Liverpool clothes. But also Borussia Dortmund and Sunderland I have seen banners from. Sunderland is a team some supporters have a connection with also, seen some banners.

Our enemies are Ajax Amsterdam (our biggest rival), FC Twente and NAC Breda. We hate that clubs the most in Holland. But abroad we don't like Tottenham Hotspurs and Shalke 04. I think that are the teams we don't like the most, but after that you have teams like Anderlecht, Germinal Beerschot, Portsmouth and Glasgow Rangers we don't like. If we see them we fight them, but we will fight almost every firm, unless we respect that firm.

H'W: Whats your relation with the police? Are the police strict in your country? What laws are there against Ultras in your country?
We hate them, they are looking to everyhting we do, tapping the phones, reading websites you know. When you're trying to organize a fight, they are on top of it. And often they use violence without a reason against normal supporters, and then we try to attack them. But it's not easy because of all the camera's notice everything you do. And there are not laws against ultras, but pyro is banned from the stadium. And you have to travel with a combi by train or bus with police sometimes if you go to a away match. So it's not really friendly, but we try to ignore the rules and just bring pyro into the stands, but it's difficult.

H'W: What kind of choreography does your group normally make, show us some pictures and explain?
We are not the best at choreos, and most of the time it is maked by TIFO Rotterdam a group that make choreos. But with flares we are the best in Holland, when there is a important match there are always flares in the stands. Here one pictures from a choreo and one from flares.

More images you can see here: http://www.hoolsworld.net/t340-feyenoord-rotterdam

HW: How do you organize everything? Like songs, away games and choreographies, marketing etc?
On Vak S always one will start singing, and then everyone joins him. We are not working with a capo or something. Choreos are made by TIFO Rotterdam like I said.

HW: Does your group come up with fights often, if yes, with who?
Vak S is more the gate not the group, groups are SCF, FIIIR or DeF. They are always want to fight, because they defend the club and the city. They are also known as Rotterdam Hooligans or Vatos Locos. But it's hard to have a fight with all the cops looking everything what you're doing.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc5a7JhCV1U - Here you can see Rotterdam Hooligans in action.

HW: Can you tell us about the ultras movement in your country?
I think it's growing fast in the years, but also it's hard because pyro is banned from the stadiums and that kind of rules.

HW: The City can be something very special for a fan, what do you think of your city?
I think Rotterdam is a great beautifull city, it's a port city. The harbour is the biggest of Europe. It's not the biggest city in Holland, that's Amsterdam. But I think Rotterdam is more then Amsterdam, big buildings, big events, you can find it more in Rotterdam then in Amsterdam. Everyone knows Amsterdam because it's the capital, but I don't think it's that great. So I think you can better come to Rotterdam. Here are some pictures from my city, Rotterdam.

HW: What is your opinion of the ultras movement in Europe and around the world, which scene do you view the best and which scene have a good development?
I love to see actions of ultras in Europe, I think Serbia, Croatia, Greece and Poland are the best. But I think development in Holland is the best.

HW: Lastly, any advice you want to give to the ultras and the users of this forum?
Keep on fighting for what you love and against rivals, police and modern football. It's a way of life!

Copyright www.hoolsworld.net - If you use it, make sure you cite us!

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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Feyenoord-Casuals [ Feyenoord ]   Wed 27 Jul 2011, 01:53

Nice interview! You got my respect.

Here is a picture from the friendship. (It's and old picture)

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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Feyenoord-Casuals [ Feyenoord ]   Wed 27 Jul 2011, 10:09

Here's the flag

Give back football to the working class!
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Feyenoord-Casuals [ Feyenoord ]   Wed 18 Apr 2012, 07:01

Respect Feyenoord-Casuals!
im Indonesian , a new Feyenord fans. i like this interview.
some player from Holland playing in my Team PSIM , and he give me Feyenord scraft and orange jersey. He is Feyenord fans too

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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Feyenoord-Casuals [ Feyenoord ]   Wed 18 Apr 2012, 09:27

Nice int man
Is in Holland same mess whit CCTV like thay have in England?

Hammarby huh ehhh

Have Feyennord conectios whit FC Kobenhavn ???, personal concats in Urban Crew says yes

PS Isnt Hamburg biggest port in Europe?
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Feyenoord-Casuals [ Feyenoord ]   

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Interview with Feyenoord-Casuals [ Feyenoord ]

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